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We’re live! This is so exciting! Technically, we are 5% funded considering what we got from gofundme! Let’s try to get the remaining amount over on Kickstarter! 

Starting today, we’ll be actively posting new artwork, new animation, the cast and crew line up and soooo much more! Everything will gradually be updated to the Kickstarter page soon. Stick around for more content and giveaways. We have so much planned out!  We won’t disappoint and we promise to deliver a fun cartoon! Many thanks to everyone in advance who decides to back us!

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You may have noticed I took down all the LGG stuff.

With the growing concern of Deviant Art owning your artwork and things of the nature, we decided this isn't the right place for it.

I know I've made a post about this a while ago and a few of you have said it's all BS, but with our project being very young we can't
take any chances.  We want this project to succeed and don't need any unwanted hang ups.  Precautions must be made.

Deviant Art is a very different place right now compared to how it was 12 years ago when I first joined.

I will make journals about LGG but as for artwork you can check it out on our tumblr:

I want to thank those of you DA natives who have supported LGG.

You're all awesome. 

-Zach (and Tara)
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We’ve been getting a plethora of emails and messages lately from fans and supporters of our show. We’re thrilled people are so excited to see what we do with these characters. The amount of support, artwork and comments have been just wonderful.  

We really want to make this for you guys and even though we’ve had so much support the momentum of our campaign has died down and it is taking a tad longer than expected. We can’t start production until we receive more funds. We’re restricted with the ideas we have and it’s very hard to keep everything secret. It’s a big world and we’ll need a lot of help creating it.

Our goal is to leave Gofundme and recreate a second chance campaign on a new site. We know multiple people were having issues donating on the current campaign. This is a learning experience and as we continue forward we’re learning what we can do better for the project and for the donators.

We’d like to use the $5,000 we’ve raised so far to hire our writers, board artists and some of the voices for the pilot. We’d finalize the script and create an animatic. That way, we can show you guys new content and move a little forward with development before making our goal. We’d record the pilot as well as some scratch for mini shorts we’d love to post online. Introducing the characters in a whole new light (with VOICES) seems like the way to go.  Once we go through our wish list of voice actors we will make an update if we need anyone for voice work here on our Tumblr page. We get a lot of messages asking but please wait to ask about it once we get to that step.

And we know what you’re thinking-Don’t worry! Whoever has already donated on Gofundme will still get their rewards! Though, if you wanted to donate more on the other campaign for new rewards feel free and we’d add them on.

Since you, the fans, are funding our project and so many of you have given us suggestions through messages, we’d like to open our ask box (or just leave a comment on here) in hopes that YOU answer the following questions…

1. Which crowdfunding site would you feel most comfortable donating to?
We definitely want to take another stab at crowdfunding the project.  Indiegogo or Kickstarter? Which one and why? Maybe a different site?

2. What would make you donate?
What rewards not already listed on our Gofundme would you like to see? T-shirts? Toys? Special exclusive items? Anything else?

3. Would throwing a few contests or giveaways sound cool for the campaign?

If so, any suggestions?

4. What else would you like to see on our Tumblr page?
We both currently have full time jobs in the animation industry and all the content we make for the site is done in our spare time but we’d love to know what else you’d want to see. We have a few things in mind but let us know!

Donations are truly appreciated and all the money will be used wisely. We have a list of talented people we know who are ready to work. We just want to make sure they’re paid decently and fairly. We’re looking forward to announcing who’s on board as time goes on. If you can’t donate but want to help you still spread the word through likes, reblogs, fanart, and even word of mouth.  That helps us out more than you think and means the world to us.  Its our dream to make Long Gone Gulch into a real thing, and we can only do it with your help.

Thanks for stickin’ with us!!

Tara and Zach

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Tara and I recently did an interview with the Toon Goons!

We talk about Long Gone Gulch, how we thought of it, working on the trailer, our careers, how we met and tons of other fun stuff!…

Take a listen, the Goons were awesome, super professional and fun to talk you! Also check out some of their other episodes, these guys are funny!
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We’ve been planning this for years and we really hope this is something that people would like to fund and we’re hoping we can create a great animated pilot for you all! We truly adore everyone who’s been with us since the start! We appreciate all the support and love we’ve been getting for this project. Every view, like and follow is bliss! Thank you everyone in advance if you decide to contribute! Check out this video and fundraiser info at the link below!


Here it is, the Long Gone Gulch official trailer! This was a labor of love and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it. Please watch it in HD if it hasn’t already done so. Another announcement will be released next week! Stay tuned!

Black and White Ink: $20

Flat Colors: $35

Color with Shading: $40

Send me an email with the subject "Commission" and tell me which option you want and what character, please send reference too.

PLEASE NO NOTES OR COMMENTS. EMAIL PLEASE. I would really prefer if you guys would contact me via email, just because its easier for me. 

No slots available, just going to be doing a ton of commissions so they will be open for a while.

Thanks guys!
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Follow me on twitter I gueeessss...

I think I'll try to use it mostly for movie reviews and talking about how I feel after I take a shit.
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Thanks to who ever bought me a 3 month subscription. I don't really think I'll use it, these days I'm more on tumblr, but I appreciate the nice gesture.


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Check it out here!

I want to take a trip to Japan sometime this summer so I figured what better way to make some extra bones AND clear out some old stuff in my apartment then to sell some art! Everything is traditional! Marker drawings, paintings, even inked and pencil drawings! Each purchase will come with a thank you sketch and other goodies! Also stay tuned this week and the next, I’ll be announcing commissions and some other fun stuff!

Featured Art on Sale:

HYDE by SeizureDemon The Bride of Frankenstein 1935 by SeizureDemon

Harley Quinn for Sale by SeizureDemon Lon Chaney in The Unknown 1927 by SeizureDemon

Surfin' Mutant Crab Basket by SeizureDemon Eye-Gor by SeizureDemon

Cucumber Drunk Kappa by SeizureDemon I'm a Gamblin' Man by SeizureDemon

Hotel Franken Norman by SeizureDemon Maleficent's Goons by SeizureDemon

Plus more!
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Hey gang,

Check out this year's newest Kandy Coated Kackles mix!

Dig Them Bones by SeizureDemon

ALSO, you can download all the other mixes here:…

Have a Happy Halloween!!!
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Hey guys. Very surprised to have gotten so many comments on my last entry. Thanks for all your input!

I've decided to stay. There are things I don't like about DA anymore but its an outlet for my artwork and I would just be limiting myself if I only stuck to one social media site to showcase my art.

And its good to know the whole "DA owning artwork" thing is debunked.

I'll still update art on here, but if you guys want to see more updates follow me on tumblr:
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Growing increasingly disappointed with Deviant Art. Hearing about how they "own" your artwork and then Goth Topic stealing shit for their shirts and not crediting the artist.

Plus, no one seems to be around on here anymore. I always thought I should just keep this because its an entirely different crowd than tumblr or blogspot, but it just seems lame and dead.

What do you guys think? (all 5 of you who still check my stuff on here).

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Professional Slime Ball by SeizureDemon


Get my first ever art book Professional Slime Ball right here!

$15 each plus shipping and handling!

68 full color pages of assorted art from 2010-2013. Monsters, creatures, babes, weird-ohs, crazies and more! Also features sketches and never before seen art!

Each book will come signed and each package will come with a thank you sketch! Get em while they last!

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My artbook Professional Slime Ball will be available to buy online August 29th! More info on the way!
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Check out the trailer for the new Spongebob movie that I ever so briefly worked on! Not sure if I'll have my name in the credits but this movie still looks like a blast and you should all see it!
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Oh hey Deviant art, how's it going. Yea, cool, that's great...ANYWAY!

If you're going to SDCC this year, come on Sunday and check out the Teen Titans Go panel! Incase you haven't known I've been working as a storyboard artist on the show since April.

The panel starts at 11:45am

It will feature the producers Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic, the entire voice cast AND a special appearance by Puffy AmiYumi! HOLY SHIT!

If you go you might see me in the crowd!
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The Refreshments Gang by SeizureDemon

Thanks for another Daily Deviation. Yay!

And thanks to everyone who kept saying "This looks like Aqua Teen Hunger force!"

Because that's a great compliment.

Really it is.

Everyone on deviant art is so smart and cool.

Knowing that I drew a drawing that reminds people of Aqua Teen Hungrewrsd Forvdfsg.

Its why I became an artist.

Really appreciate it.





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Sorry guys but commissions are now CLOSED!

The reason being I just got a job as a storyboard artist on Teen Titans Go! Whoo!

Thank you to everyone who commissioned me and spread the word.
You helped me out a great deal when I was unemployed.

Lets see other things to come...

My artbook will be available soon, I promise! I also have pins and stickers too!

See y'all later!
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Come watch me do some commissions!!!
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