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I have tons of free time and plan on doing A LOT of these. I will have a list up here where you can see how far you are in the line.

All drawings will be digital, by the way.

Send me a note or email me!!


1. :iconzoestanleyarts: - Bibi and Chip- Digital base- in progress- PAID- FINISHED

2. Seth S. - Idelia- Digital base- PAID- FINISHED

3. :iconmagicbunnyart: - Magic Bunny- Digital base- PAID- FINISHED

4. Mike Taylor- Tiki Robot- Black and White- PAID- FINISHED

5. Hannah Ayoubi- Monsters Abroad characters- Digital Shading- PAID- FINISHED

6. :icondthecadeyra: - Comotos- Digital Shading- PAID- FINISHED

7. Dana L.- Super hero character- Black and White- PAID- FINISHED

8. Brock Baker- Caricature in Rick and Morty style- Digital Shading- PAID-FINISHED

9. :iconalisadidkovsky:- Lord Yuned'rar- Digital Shading- PAID-FINISHED

10. Maddie Bush- Valentines Day drawing- Digital Base- PAID- FINISHED

11. :iconvirtuallytwisted:- Black and White- PAID- FINISHED

12. Jessica R- What MLP should be- Digital Base- PAID-FINSIHED

13. Bree P- Patrick the Vampire-PAID-FINISHED

14. Spencer- Anything- Digital base- PAID-FINISHED

15. :iconwesleeweevil:- Orion- Digital shading-PAID-FINISHED

16. :iconentoxia:- Gil- Black and white- PAID- FINISHED

17. Eric- Max and Wild Thing- Black and white- PAID

18. Ami- Gender Bent Rick- Digital shading- PAID

19. Danielle- Super hero team- Base- PAID

20. Ben- 3 characters- Shading- PAID

21. Eric- Max and Wild Thing- Ink- PAID










  • Listening to: Hank 3
  • Reading: Pogo by Walt Kelly
  • Watching: Blacula
  • Playing: Rayman on Wii U
  • Eating: Pita burger
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VivzMind Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014  Student Filmographer
Hehehe Yo Zach! If you ever wanted to use a bit of your free time to do and art trade with me I'd be hella honored, specially since when I break for thesis nowadays I never know what to draw and end up starin' at the screen haha!
In any case I'll spread the word for ya commisshies! I'd get one but I'm totally broke now urg.
Lovin' your work on Rick n Morty dude!
SeizureDemon Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014  Professional Filmographer
Hey Viv! Yea, maybe when I finish a big chunk of these we can do a trade! I'll let you know :]
Thanks for spreading the word!
VivzMind Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014  Student Filmographer
sweet deal! Keep me posted!
and no problem! Happy to help!
ZoeStanleyArts Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sent an email :meow:
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